Top 10 Beaches in Italy

Published: 24th July 2008
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Italy may not be renowned for its coastline, but there is an abundance of wonderful beaches available for those that wish to find them. Some hostels in Italy are in closer proximity to beaches than many would expect.

Marina Piccola

Located on the south side of Capri Island, this wonderful little bay is located off a quiet road accessible by foot, bus or taxi depending on its distance from Capri hostels.

Capalbio Beaches

With many shielded by the surrounding woodland, the seaside beaches of Capalbio on the border of Tuscany are a joy to behold.

Lido di Ostia

One of the few free beaches located within easy reach of Rome, this is understandably a busy place and, although it has a great atmosphere, is not for those keen on a bit of privacy.

Punto del Capo

One of the most beautiful beaches in the Sorrento region and a wonderful place to begin, and end, a day trip from Sorrento hostels.

Maronti Beach

This three kilometer-long wonder land is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Ischia. Surrounded by majestic cliffs and mountains, it is renowned for its quiet, serene calm.

Moneglia Beaches

Some of the best-priced restaurants and bars line the beaches of this small Italian resort, and it is also safe for children to swim due to a tide breaker.

Amalfi Coast

This stretch of Campania coastline may not be the long-stretch of faultless sand that characterize some of the world's best beaches, but the hidden coves and bays dotted in and around the Lattari Mountains provide some spectacular natural beach treasures.

Lido Beach

A rare, yet wonderful, stretch of sand that separates the Venetian lagoon from the Adriatic Sea, Venice's Lido Beach is justifiably one of the city's hotspots during the summer months.

Pevero Beach

Located on Sardinia's north-eastern coast on the Costa Smeralda, this enchanting little hideaway is off the beaten tourist track so maintains much of its natural tranquility.

Fontane Bianche

The warm shallow waters and gorgeous sands of these super Sicilian beaches are plentiful in sunbathing opportunities and water-sports activities - the perfect precursor to enjoying the island's busy nightlife.

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